The Happy Baby app now in App Stores

The Smart Baby app for Learning Happy Babies!

The Happy Baby App
The Happy Baby App

The Happy Baby app – Babies first app for a Little Einstein brings you a baby sensory stimulation app for the next Baby Einstein. From the publishers of the awards winning Top 10 App: Baby Learning activities. Baby Learning Apps can bring you 5 minutes full of joy and smiles while you are changing the diaper. Happy Baby App is babies first app. Give it a try.

The Happy Baby app: laugh & learn app for babies that work like a baby shusher: your baby will learn animal sounds, new words and has fun while you change the diaper :_). The sensory stimulation app for the next Baby EinsteinHappy Baby: laugh and learn app!

Check out our 30 sec Youtube video for the Happy Baby app:

**Awards for The Smart Baby App**

– App featured as Google Play Editor´s Choice in December 2017
– Promoted in Spanish Television as one of the best baby apps in February 2017 (apps for babies)
– App of the Month (12/2016) in Educacion 3.0! (baby development)
– 8.5/10 in (baby milestones)


Use the Happy Baby app when your baby need to be distracted, changing pampers / huggies or calming down for some minutes. It will work as sensory stimulation with shapes and colorsanimal sounds, baby rattle, baby phone. The ever-entertaining app with learning activities for little infants. Babies first app from the award winning Baby App team.

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The SMART Baby App in Google Play
The Baby App in Google Play

In cooperation with the award winning Baby Apps team (Google Play Editors Choice 2017, “Academics Choice Smart Media 2016“, 1st place in the “International Children’s Communication Festival El Chupete“) we present The  Happy Baby app with funny animationssounds and new stimulation activities for Little Einstein.   Babies first app for learn & laugh and special moments with you!

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